OUr Mission is simple:  provide Top quality exotic and designer animals to breeders and hobbyists.

Male Super Enchi ['14]

Male Lesser PH Pied (66%) ['14]

Female Queen Bee  ['14]

Male Super Pastel ['14]

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Super pastels are a perennial favorite among new and small ball python keepers.

1.0 Super Pastel $150

Here's a Queen Bee with some great markings that we currently have available.

0.1 Queen Bee (Lesser + Pastel + Spider) $350

This guy has really nice dorsal striping and alien faces.

1.0 Lesser PH Pied $90

This is an exceptional example of the super form of the enchi gene.

1.0 Super Enchi $475

Converse's Constrictors is small business made up of two brothers: Anthony and Andrew.  Although Anthony and Andrew grew up with animals around them constantly, they didn't purchase their first snake until 1999 - and they haven't looked back since!  Anthony primarily takes care of breeding and sales.  Andrew, the licensed veterinarian, is responsible for the health and well-being of the animals.  Thank you for visiting the Converse's Constrictors' website and your interest in the hobby.

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